Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mexican traditions right here

For the first twelve days of December, Mexicans celebrate the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe. I think I've mentioned this earlier in these pages. Yesterday, after strolliing the aisles of El Superior Supermercado, at a great fabric store I found some fabulous yardage printed with images of the Virgin. Twelve Virgins per yard. What a bonanza! I bought the one piece that was left and will turn this into pillows for my Cuyut√°n couch. I know a very talented seamstress who does the most beautiful work I've ever seen. I simply can't see well enough to do this sort of handiwork anymore. So I shop, BC sews, everyone is happy!

We have had terrible winds here for the last couple of days. Everything we planted has been blown apart, dried out and otherwise ruined. Now we have to decide if we want to start all over again.


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