Monday, May 21, 2007

a little bit of Cuyutl√°n in Woodland

This afternoon I drove over to Woodland to do some errands. Among the chores was to stop at the new Mexican supermarket, El Superior, that opened up a few months ago to check out how authentic this place might be. My opinion? Very authentic. It carries some of my Mexico-only favorites: Fabulosa (a tile floor cleaner), Ariel (detergent with a wonderful scent), Herdez Salsa Casera (a really good salsa in a can), jicama, gorgeous Manila mangoes at an affordable price, many kinds of peppers, both hot and mild that I love to use in all sorts of dishes, Mexican limes (10 for $1), also known as Key Limes (for you Key Lime Pie buffs), all sorts of good Mexican beer, except no Indio. There are some I have never heard of but am eager to try. They sell tres leches cakes that you buy not by the piece or the half but the whole thing, bins of dried peppers, and a big bin of jamaica, dried Hibiscus petals that make the most delicious hot tea or iced drink. I will definitely go back there to shop. When I am there, I think about the things I can only get here. Now that I am here I am searching out things I can only get there. Do you think I should see someone about this condition?


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