Friday, May 25, 2007

Spring on our street

We have a pair of Swainson's hawks building a nest in a huge tree in the garden of the house behind us. The nest is in the topmost branches of the tree. All day the pair carries twigs and leaves and other building materials up into the leafy tops of this tree, chatting with each other as they work. At first we thought they were Red Tailed hawks but our neighbors, avid birders, said no, Swainsons. In fact, these neighbors take off tomorrow for Gambell on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea for two weeks of bird watching in a place that is rich in species.

As for last night's promise to try again with photos of leftover strawberry shortcake, there were no remainders. I still have berries so will make another batch of shortcake and snap them. By the way, that recipe would make terrific scones. Not the genuine English high tea type but a passable imitation. I am always looking for recipes I can translate to my Mexican kitchen since it is difficult to find some ingredients, such as buttermilk. I must take down dried buttermilk. It is only recently that we could get both sour cream and whipping cream.

I wish everyone a safe and sane Memorial Day weekend. We intend to stay home, work more in the garden and try to revive the plants that got so badly fried/dried during the recent winds. And to pause and reflect on the useless carnage that has engulfed the flower of our nation. Sic transit gloria.


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