Tuesday, June 12, 2007

just an uneventful Tuesday

It's about time that we have a day without drama. No doctors, no tests, no waiting for results. Early morning walk with pal Babz, through the beautiful UCD campus. Students whizzing around on bikes, speeding to classrooms where they will display their learning during this finals week. I looked at these fresh-faced kids and realized that grandson Andrew will be one of them soon. Then a massage. Then errands. Then home. Then a lovely afternoon of reading and swimming and enjoying the quiet. The pair of hawks have been very busy in the tree either putting the finishing touches on their condo nest or putting up stores for the expected chicks. Lots of circling and squawking but no knowing what they are up to. The temperature is up here in the valley; it is rumored to be 98 degrees tomorrow. Early dinner. Just an uneventful Tuesday.


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