Monday, June 11, 2007

And finally, thank you Dr. Schmidt

We went up to Roseville today for the final OK from the medical establishment that has taken such good care of the Patient over these last nine months. In five months, before we take off for Italy and Mexico there will be another CT scan and a round of doc visits. Then nothing more for at least six months or until we get back home. (If all goes according to plan, that will actually be seven months.) If anything should come up during the Mexican interlude the Patient can always fly home . However, we trust that will not happen. All three of the doctors, in fact four, counting his regular physician, have been helpful, careful, forthright, approachable, thorough. I won't say it has been a pleasure to deal with them. Let's just say that none added to the stress of the situation and all did their best to ease the fear and worry. I cannot say enough about the good care they gave both of us.

To celebrate the good outcome of this round of tests and appointments, I wanted to make something yummy for the Patient's carb intake this evening. First was pasta with my very own sauce. Then I concocted a Three Berry Cobbler. Local market has blueberries, blackberries and raspberries available so it seemd like a good choice. (The apricots are coming in like mad; apricot pie or cobbler is next. My favorite, hands down.)

These are the three berries. They are very sweet and juicy! I've never seen such big blackberries. The are surprisingly flavorful.

I added more liquid to the fruit mixture. The Patient has a hard time swallowing things if they are too dry so I inceased the poaching water to 1 1/4 cups.

The Patient squirted a big ribbon of ReddiWip over the cobbler but I was so appalled at the ruination of a perfectly good fruit dessert with that stuff that I refused to take a picture. Nonetheless, it was tasty, fruity and fragrant. Biscuits were tender (lotsa butter).


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