Thursday, June 21, 2007

a critic at large

Despite the precariousness of my medical situation, this afternoon I went to a matinee of The Light in the Piazza at the Sacramento Community Theatre. This hour of the day ~ 2 PM ~ is the "blue hair" special. I think I was the youngest person in the theatre. Or almost. As far as the performance, let me say this about that. I thought the music was excellent, the singers superb, the story a bit far fetched but charming and romantic, the sets disappointing. Why? This musical is set in Florence. Some of the action takes place in the upper-class apartment of a Florentine family. The sets were much too Zen to believe. I've seen Florence. It's not a Zen kind of place. The sets needed more decoration, more evidence of the richness and beauty of the city, the gorgeous distractions that embody Florencel.

Regardless of picking those nits, it was delightful to be at a live performance, to get swept up in the energy and enthusiasm of the play. I should do this more often. Every time I go to the theatre I say the same thing. Next production is Les Miz in a couple of weeks, then Nunsense. I'm hooked.


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