Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day in the mountains
From daughter Caitlin, who lives in Bozeman, MT

However you all spent your
Father's Day, I'll bet it was nothing like
what happened here! Welcome to Bozeman's first annual Father's Day Gopher
Hunt! Sponsored by the Gallatin Valley Baptist Fellowship, the rules were
simple: Collect as many gopher tails as possible in four hours. Promoted as
"part of our sportsman ministry program", the Reverend William Johnson
offered as the grand prize a new .22-caliber rifle to the family collecting the
most tails.

And what a family affair! Landowners adjacent to the church gladly
permitted their lands to be used as the "killing fields" since gophers
are quite the nuisance--they chew down grass meant for cattle and horses
and dig enough holes and tunnels to damage ranch machinery.

The results are in: The most gophers were bagged by Wayne Langel and
his son, Jessie, 12. Unfortunately, the dynamic duo didn't return to the
meeting point on time (neither of them had worn a watch), so they were
disqualified. Therefore, the grand prize was awarded to Chuck Rasnick
who brought 8 gopher tails to the awards table though he thinks "we killed
14 but couldn't find 'em." His children, Elizabeth (4) and Charlie (7)
aided their father with their own BB guns.

A picnic lunch followed, and everyone was in great spirits!

Can you imagine this going down in your town? Where I live all these
people would now be in jail.


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