Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sophia and Jane

Dinner at Sophia's was delicious; ginger stir fry with chicken, a glass of pinot blanc, good conversation with friend Alison. Leftovers tonight.

Now on to Jane. What this movie needs is Emma Thompson. I know she's too old now to play a 22 year old, but I would be willing to suspend belief just to see her do this role. This is not to say Anne Hathaway fails; she doesn't. She's just not Emma, and I truly believe Emma is Jane Austen. As for James McAvoy (last seen as the young doctor in "The Last King of Scotland"), her erstwhile suitor Thomas LeFroy, his screen presence is electric. I commend to interested readers Anthony Lane's review of this work of imagination in the New Yorker Magazine August 13th issue.


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