Sunday, September 23, 2007

the blessed rain

A bit more rain today which means more cleansing of the dusty leaves on trees and shrubs. I went out for an early walk and was delighted at how fresh and clean everything looks. The impatiens are still in bloom throughout the neighborhood and in fact are looking better than ever. In our back yard, the Cape Honeysuckle that had been frozen right down to the ground has come back and even presented some beautiful red blossoms. The entire day had a grey, dark atmosphere. Nice, when you're inside puttering around. When we were here last winter we had almost no rain, and certainly not in September.

I am now about half through the third volume of The Pallisers by Anthony Trollope (this is a picture advertising the BBC program on PBS). It could have been written now and entitled The Kennedys or The Bushes, although it would have been quite boring if about the latter group. Political dynasties don't change much in their search for power and recognition.

We didn't get to "The Lives of Others" this afternoon. Other thing intruded. Perhaps tomorrow. Meanwhile, the trusty Mac has developed a strange noise, a rapid clicking whirr when the machine is started. Could be the hard drive but I think it is the fan. I am scheduled to take it to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store on Tuesday morning for a diagnosis. Let's hope it is nothing serious. This little machine is scheduled to be whisked off to Italy in a month to record any and all adventures and must be well in order to make the trip.

I have been in contact with Cait about the status of Riley, her and Mike's delightful chocolate Lab. She was diagnosed with bone cancer, originally in her shoulder but now in her ribs. Cait says she is soldiering on but that it is getting harder and harder for her to get around. She is a wonderful dog; smart, clever, gentle, beautifully trained, a great hunter. She is on pain meds to relieve discomfort, but she is probably not long for this world. She will be deeply missed.


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