Saturday, September 29, 2007

moving pictures

Here it is, some months after the great bedroom re-do and I am only now hanging my pictures back up. In the process, I have moved one thing from this room into another, something from another into here. A few days ago I was inspired to remove all the pictures from the walls in the living room and start all over again. I had been looking at their arrangement for over a year and was not satisfied by what I saw. The new plan came upon me as I gazed yet again at the (to me) unsatisfactory layout. Once again, some things moved into better position, some left the room and will be hung elsewhere. Much better. A moveable feast.

Then the Patient decided the draperies in the dining room need to be rehung and adjusted. He has been hammering and muttering for several hours, but I think he's about finished. This morning, after the Farmerks' Market he went to the hardware store and purchased a new toaster for here ~ we'll take the old one to the beach where it will rust out in one season ~ and a new wall clock for the Mexican kitchen.

All of this bustle is occasioned by our departure in three weeks. We've been anticipating this trip for a year and suddenly the time is getting perilously short. Am I packed? Yes and no. Yes, my suitcase has some stuff tossed into it, I have counted out my drugs, packed my insulin pump materials, bought and then returned a pair of boots (too small), included and then rejected several things. But also, no, I'm not packed because I can't seem to make up my mind about any of it! Besides that, I have to pack all the stuff for the beach, too. Oy!

Two other moving pictures. I had never seen either "Fiddler on the Roof" or "The Color Purple." I have now seen and enjoyed both. Tonight: a reviewing of "The Prestiege" which we liked very much when we saw it on the big screen.


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