Tuesday, November 13, 2007

tuesday's goodie wagon

The food wagons have circled the post office again, this being Tuesday. After breakfast we walked up to see what they were offering and came upon some delicious prospects. I bought two pieces of eggplant rolls stuffed with ricotta and porcinis, one more porcini blini, and an assortment of grilled veggies - zucchini, radiccio and peppers. These things will either be for lunch or dinner depending on whether or not the Patient wants to go out. I am always up for a restaurant crawl, but since he has so much trouble eating, still, he is not as eager as I am.

Tomorrow we take off early for Venice for the day, taking the fast train (45 min.) instead of the milk run (1 3/4 hrs). Thursday is the big market again, with the fish wagon and more lasagne. Then Friday I think we'll take the bus up to Marostica, a walled town about an hour from here where there is an excellent example of Palladio's work. I have filled up the SIM card in my camera so either have to start deleting things (heaven forbid!) or buy a new card at some exhorbitant cost like 55€ ($75). I guest I'll have to visit the bank (yet again) for a refill and buy! We have been watching the daily fluctuations of the euro with dismay. But soon we will be in the land of the peso where it's all in ourfavor.

Before we left to go out this morning I put on a load of wash in the cute little machine in the apartment. When we used it on the last trip it turned everything purple for some unknown reason. When we got home 3 hours later the wash was still churning along. There are two settings; 4 hours or 8 hours. Why it should take so long is a complete mystery to me. But I set it for the "quick" cycle so it should be done by the time I return from this internet cafe. Then I will drape undies and sox on this nifty collapsable rack and in a day or two it will all be dry! This one does not have a built-in dryer.

Watched "Anatomy of a Murder" in Italian on Sunday night. Jimmy Stewart just doesn't sound the same. I asked my sister to get it from Netflix for us to watch while we're in San Diego. I think it still holds up. Part of the reason I want to see it is that it was George C. Scott's first "hit" and he almost steals the movie in about 5 minutes of screen time.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Hahahaha, I loved the laundry story!
Buy the $400 camera card, it's worth it (to us).


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