Wednesday, October 31, 2007

riding the bus

Everyone tells you when you are in a town or city other than your own that you should ride the bus. "It's the only way to learn your way around." I couldn't agree more, but it takes some courage to do it in a foreign country, especially when your vocabulary is limited to about a dozen words, none of which apply to riding the bus. But today I burst right through that barrier of hesitation and decided we would go forth and ride.

After breakfast we walked up to the mercato centrale to look at the goodies inside and outside. I headed right for the Triperie to stare as the various "parts" that people eat here; brains, lungs, tripe, spinal cord (!), testicles, kidneys, pig snout - PIG SNOUT. I have pictures to prove it. Bought some tomaatoes, a head of radicchio, some citron for the Patient's mince meat pies - it's impossible to buy in the US and costs only 1€ for 100 gms. He got three big pieces for 95 cents, a steal!. Then we strolled through all the various stalls looking at leather goods, beautiful scarves, and alot of just plain junk. Then we decided to check out a train schedule so we can get back to Pisa from Vicenza in one day. Cannot happen. We have to be at the airport by 11 AM. Soonest we can get there is 12:15 PM. So that means we will either come back here on Sunday and train over to Pisa Monday morning, or go directly to Pisa, stay there overnight and be right where we need to be.

It being lunch time, and our being in the neighborhood, we headed over to Belcore, a spot recommended by MAS, she of TWBLJ (see yesterday's post). Menu looked swell. But it is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We'll try again, perhaps tomorrow. I could not face walking home on an empty stomache so we decided to try the bus. I bought tickets, the Cartographer found the route, and off we went. Short ride, but a real ice-breaker. Once you've done it, remembered to validate your ticked on board, pushed through the crowds, you feel like an old hand.

Cutest thing I've seen since being here? See photo, except it was a pink one. Oops! Unable to post photo. We'll, you'll just have to wait. I am going to get one of these things when I get home.

Happy Halloween to all. Hope your candy sack fills up to the brim and lasts you an entire year.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Congrats on the bus! Did you hold out your hand with gobs of coins in it? I like the pink one better too...


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