Saturday, October 20, 2007

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The muse deserted me for several days. I had no interest in writing anything so I didn't. It may have been a lingering sadness about Riley's demise, and she wasn't even my dog. Or it may have been an inability to focus on anything except getting ready to leave. But this morning the Muse is once again with me and I will catch up on my past few days. Several topics occur for discussion.

I Saw it on TV
A few evenings ago I had dinner with several friends. On our way home we got on to the topic of TV advertising. In the "old days" it was laundry soap, floor cleaner, sugar-packed cereals for kids, toothpaste, and a nice Ford car. Now it's products to get you up (Viagra), put you to sleep (Lunesta), empty you out (Ducolax), keep you that way (Benefiber), ease your pains (Alleve or any number of others), turn your hair any number of interesting colors (L'Oreal or Just for Men), sinus medicine with animated mucus globs, and a new product I heard about for the first time recently, all-night adult diapers. Who in the world thinks I need this information? No ill, no ache, no problem is too sensitive for a million-dollar ad campaign. I remember the first time I saw an ad for Kotex; I was so embarrassed I had to leave the room. Now? The sky's the limit. If you have never paid particular attention of the subject matter of TV ads, it's a real revelation. Perhaps it's geared to the aging commercial TV watcher or perhaps it's simply a matter of coarsened sensibilities.

The Changing Itinerary
In discussions with our Personal Delta Travel Agent we decided to change our departure from Italy to Pisa instead of Venice. The weekend we want to leave is the close of the Biennal and flights are full. Instead, we will train back to Florence and then to Pisa to fly home on November 19th. One day short but a better chance of getting a seat.

The Great Pack Up
Everything is packed and ready for the trip. I have gotten in all into one medium-sized suitcase plus one carry-on for books/New Yorkers for in-air amusement, my wonderful Bose earphones (gift from the Patient for Christmas), camera, insulin (never check it), and anything else last minute. My travel wardrobe is going to be mighty well-worn by the time we return.

I got everything, including leather jacket, 2 pair pants (jeans, black wool), black wool jersey skirt, 2 T-necks, 2 sweaters, boots, pj's, sox, tights, undies (including silks), Shooties (
down-filled slippers I never leave home without; forget the AE card), scarf, muffler, gloves, wool hat, insulin pump supplies, beauty kit into this suitcase, with room to spare! Since the Patient has no more room in his bag (I think he's over-packing!) I will take the umbrella and the package of vacuum-packed coffee so we'll have a starter.

And of course I need plenty of room for the goodies I am likely to find along the way. I am actually quite proud of myself for paring this down to a manageable size. On the 2004-05 trip we had, between us, FIVE suitcases. What was I thinking? This time, much less is ever so much more. If any event or outing calls for the sort of clothes I do not have I'll just make my own fashion statement.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Congratulations on such smart packing! I can feel the excitement in the air all the way down here in SF.


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