Thursday, October 04, 2007

a joyous homecoming

I went up to the Apple hospital this afternoon and brought Mighty Mac back home after a week's stay to correct a couple of faulty fans. He's happy to be home; I'm happy to have him back. I have once more packed away the (7 year-old) Less-than-Mighty Mac until he should be needed again. Not for a long time, I am hoping. Mighty is up and running without a click or a whir to disturb me and my muddled thoughts. Thanks to his marvelous talents I put up this greeting message on his face. Enough of this anthropomorphizing. It's only a little machine that can't do anything I don't tell it to do. Or can it? Sometimes I wonder. . .

Tonight's entertainment: "Driving Miss Daisy", one of my favorites. I could watch Morgan Freeman talk on the phone and be amazed.


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