Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday chores

What did I do today to earn my keep? I cleaned out drawers and shelves, packed up some of the "take to Mexico" things, and then wrapped Christmas presents and finished addressing my Christmas cards. Hey! I'm leaving in three weeks and have to get all of this business taken care. I have taken a photo of said gifts and will put it up when I get my old computer back. I can't do anything on this dinosaur !

The weather here in the valley is very strange. It is snowing up in the Sierras at 7,000 or 8,000 feet, while down here it is warm and lovely. In fact, if we had kept the cover on the pool we could probably be swimming. Tomorrow it is due to cloud up a bit and perhaps rain. Strange and changeable. When I went out for my morning constitutional it was clear, crisp and beautiful. The trees, especially the Chinese pistache varient, are turning red and dropping their leaves. The Patient cleaned out more gutters, inspected the roof for potential problems (leaks!), and generally took carfe of the outside. Daughter Cait is going to check on our flight status this week; are there seats or not? Do we have to change our travel plans or are we going to get out when we expect to?


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