Sunday, October 07, 2007

the geography of weather

Here in the valley it is warm, sunny, fall-like, yes, but also strangely spring-like. The chrysanthemums are all ablaze, it's time to plant bulbs, and the trees, mainly the Chinese Pistache, are turning red and orange. In the Arboretum the ginko trees have turned bright yellow and are snowing their leaves in a golden pool at their bases. In Bozeman, Cait reports a huge snow storm that has covered everything in white; not a blade of grass or a shrub's leaf is showing. When the low, dark clouds break up she can see the Bridger Mountains completely draped in shimmering white. Then on to New York, where Alex and family are spending a few days. She called me late yesterday afternoon to report that it is shorts and T-shirt weather. They were, at the moment of the call, strolling somewhere beneath the Brooklyn Bridge in the warm evening. Meanwhile, in Florence, so I read, it's clear and 58ยบ.

Yesterday I went to the annual Arts and Crafts Fair in Sacramento. It's always fun to see what sort of "art" or "craft" is being produced, and not only locally. I finally found the perfect black handbag for travel; big enough to hold what I "must" have, long enough shoulder strap to sling bandolier-style, and in a beautiful, soft leather rather than rip-stop! And because I paid cash (!) I got a $35 break on the price. Humm. Cash. What a great idea.

I watched Miss Daisy get driven around on Friday. I laughed. I cried. Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman. What a remarkable pair. When, at the end, she takes his hand and says, "You are my best friend" the waterworks let loose.

Here is a poem by Peter Pereira for your Sunday enjoyment.

"Reconsidering the Seven"

Deadly Sins? Please -- let's replace Pride
with Modesty, especially when it's false.

And thank goodness for Lust, without it
I wouldn't be here. Would yuou?

Envy, Greed -- why not? If they lead us
to better ourselves, to Ambition.

And Gluttony, like a healthy belch, is a guest's
best response to being served a good meal.

I'll take Sloth over those busybodies
who can't sit still, watch a sunset

without yammering, or sanpping a picture.
Now that makes be Wrathful.


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