Thursday, October 11, 2007

clearing the last medical hurdle

The Patient got the thumbs-up from his oncologist this afternoon. He's actually gained weight ~ about 3 pounds~ and all his blood numbers are on a (very) slow rise. No need to darken any of those doors until next May when we return from the beach. The doc thinks he looks good, albeit a bit on the thin side. But at least he hasn't lost any weight. Two weeks and we're on our way to the capital of carbohydrates, pasta paradiso.

Before that a trip to CostCo for a 2-gallon jug of Windex. I have more windows than Philip Johnson's Glass House. Well, almost. Actually, I think it would be eerie to live in a house, out in the woods, with no walls. Too much of the outside in. In this vein, in today's House and Garden in the New York Times there is an article called "The Stylish Terrarium" about living in glass-walled abodes. Two gallons of Windex wouldn't be near enough.


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