Tuesday, November 06, 2007

an unexpected find

When the Patient went out for the morning IHT and croissant he noticed that vendors were setting up stalls in the little square by the post office. After breakfast, a quick trip to the train station to buy our tickets back to Florence on the 18th, we strolled oveer to see what might be available. There were the wonderful cookingt wagons that we had discovered on the last trip, but on Thursdays instead. These wagons open their sides and set up shop selling both hot and cold foods, beautifully prepared and displayed. We could not find the fantastic fish lasagne on which we gorged last trip. Instead, we found stuffed radiccio leaves and mushroom crepes. They were lunch, and mighty delicious they were, too. The fish lasagna wagon may be there on Thursday; we'll go back and check. Then we went to the bakery and bought some delicious foccacio for sandwiches. The Patient has trouble eating bread that's too dry; just won't go down. But this is very light and loaded with olive oil. Slides right down! I bought a plant to set in the windowsill for a bit of color. Tonight we are going out to dinner at the little place around the corner where we had so many lovely meals in the past.

The weather today was much better. The sun actually came out about 10:30. A hopeful sign for our trip to Venice tomorrow. Train leaves at 9:25 (sharp!) and will get us there in about an hour and a quarter. Just in time for some serious walking and then lunch at Maliban. Since we cooked a big meal last night dinner is already ready for a late return.


At 8:16 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

How I love your trip ~ thank you for taking the time to write every day.
Enjoy Venice, I picture you getting off that train and then...the splendor of it all. Drat, I missed your restaurant there.


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