Sunday, December 09, 2007

dinner at the beach

Last night we gathered at Dago’s puesto on the beach for a farewell dinner for one of our gringo friends who is returning to States to undergo medical treatment. Fernando and Chuy cooked a beautiful fish dinner that included a glorious guacamole, sliced cucumbers and jicama, fish tacos, tostada chips, and this fabulous grilled fish.

We sat down to dinner about 6 PM, just as the sun was sinking into the blue, blue Pacific. The furled umbrellas belong to Dago; during the day they are opened, with canvas sling chairs and little tables for your luscious fruity drinks. In the evening their silhouettes are like sentinels, keeping watch over our quiet little beach.

It was a lovely send-off for our friend. We all hope he and his wife – who is currently surviving in who-knows-what degree of cold in the mid-west – will rejoin us after the first of the year.


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