Monday, December 03, 2007

notes on giving thanks

There were just seven of us at this year’s Thanksgiving Day celebration. The star, of course, was Ruby. Here she is in her new t-shirt, straight from Florence. I tried to teach her to say Ciao Bella. She was a bit resistant but undoubtedly by now it has become part of her (very extensive) vocabulary. She is loaded with personality and has very definite 2 ½ yr. old ideas about how things should be.

Our groaning board was beautifully set with our parents’ gorgeous silver (the place you see was set for a lefty so everything is reversed), festive linens of the season, candles, etc.

Dinner was delicious and the fellowship around the table was wonderful to be part of. I, in particular, have much for which I give thanks. Most importand is the Patient’s steady return to health. Although he did his best to eat his way through Italy, he did not gain an ounce. But his spirits are good, his strength and stamina are returning, and life is getting back to normal for him. Our children are well, grandchildren, too. and friends far and near. What more could we possibly be thankful for

Oh yes, one more thing. I also give deep thanks that the current administration has only another year and then that particular nightmare will be over.

(I know Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago but I have been away from any blogging spot for that long, except for a moment in Zacatecas. I will spend the next couple of days catching you up with life in the slow lane.)


At 9:11 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

yeah, all bella indeed!


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