Monday, March 31, 2008

Off to catnip paradise

I heard from my friend Carolyn tonight that her wonderful cat Satchmo, who has been her constant companion for 15+ years has gone on to that delicious catnip meadow populated by all our favorites. This photo was taken by her son Mike when he visited her in the mountains of Mexico where she has taken up residence after tiring of the beach. RIP Satchmo!

Tiangues today, when I really should have stayed off my foot for one more day. Not too much harm done. Just thought I'd mention avocados, 6 for $3.50. A scandalously high price here. But fortunately I can afford it.

Fernando will come on Wednesday and start the paint job in the living room. We have decided that since we are leaving in 5+ weeks we will wait for the big paint job until next winter. Why paint everything now and just let it sit and fade over the summer? We will have him paint one wall and see how we like it. And how you like it, too.


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