Thursday, March 06, 2008

on the sunny side

We actually had sunshine today, all day. First time in about 3 weeks. It was clear and bright early and stayed that way until sunset. For a change.

Seeing that it was so nice I took a couple of strolls along the malecón to see how far the workers have come in their re-do of this lovely walkway. Two years ago the north end was completely refurbished; the old cement was torn up, the crumbling banquettes were demolished, big planters were erected along the middle, and new lamps were installed. The re-do stopped almost directly in front of Dago's puesto. This year the rest of is is being done, and it looks quite spiffy. They still have some work to do, and only another 10 days to do it before the mobs arrive for the Easter crazies.

The malecón was once the social hub of this little town. Mornings found lots of folks out for a constitutiona, or walking dogs. Much chatter along the way. In the evenings it would be crowded with strollers, families out to meet and greet friends and neighbors. Kids kicked around soccer balls, tots rode little tricycles, teenagers flirted, parents and grandparents visited.

Then came TV and video games. Everyone stays home in the evenings. Now the malecón relegated to a path between here and there. It is almost completely deserted in the evenings, except for people grabbing a late snack at one of the puestos, if it's still open. When we first began coming down here we took an evening's stroll after dinner every evening; it was a ritual, the way to get caught up on all the village's gossip and to see whose son was dancing around whose daughter. Now we don't go at all except occasionally to sit at Dago's for a meal or a drink.

The south end where we live is, right now, so pristine and clean that I want you to see it before all the Easter vandalism takes place, which it will.

They have even dyed the concrete blue on one edge and sand on the other to make it look like the beach. I'll try to remember to take another picture after the Easter revelers have left.

Raul came this afternoon and put in the last of the 29 windows. It took awhile to get it all done but they all look stunning.


At 6:55 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

It's sad, isn't it? I love all the strolling and community living that is disappearing now w/ this electronic age. As I sit here at my computer...

Anyway, what a gorgeous place you live in!


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