Monday, November 17, 2008

help is on its way!

The repair man is coming tomorrow to work his magic on the no-light stove. Just in time to bake yet another of our favorite Wolfgang Puck pizzas! (Even though it isn't the washer that's broken, I liked this graphic!) I called the GE hot line this morning and they were only too happy to arrange a house-call: "That will be $99.95 to come and take a look." As the Patient commented, "That's why God invented money." I'm hoping it won't be anything serious.

For all you packing mavens, let me assure you that I DID get the bathroom packed up today. Also got the take-along luggage aired out (it was amazingly stinky) and ready to be stuffed with beach wear tomorrow. Got Christmas box sent off to Bozeman, had a lovely lunch with friend Judy, took a nap, and got my Spanish refreshed when Rapha (who takes care of the garden while we're away and is from Costa Rica) came by late this afternoon to get his maintenance orders from the Patient. He speaks an amazing blend of English and Spanish; a true code-switcher. And on Wednesday, he will become an American citizen after having lived here for 23 years. Congratulations, Rapha! I mentioned that it was too bad he hadn't done it in time to vote. He said no matter; he was very happy with the new president. His wife said she would send a photo of him at the swearing ceremony; I'll post it.

63 days until 1/20/2009: End of an Error


At 9:48 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Yeah, things are coming along for you. I loved the Obama interview too, especially when "the boys" wanted to discuss college football and the Mrs. did what we all do and probably later said, "on national TV? college football?" Sweet.


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