Tuesday, December 09, 2008

la biblioteca

Five years ago the gringas in town decided we needed a library. We all had lots of books to share, we had a professional librarian among our midst, and we managed to find the space to do it. Since that time the library has had a couple of iterations, but we are back in the space we enjoyed two years ago thanks to the swift attention of one of our members who saw the opportunity to reclaim it. This morning, eight of us showed up to clean up and re-shelve over 1800 books.

We still have some cleaning to do but basically it is looking really good. With a couple more chairs around the table it will be perfect for those who want to drop in, read magazines or books, chat, socialize, etc. Many people have invested time and treasure in making this happen. In a week the Mayor of Armeria and the woman who is in charge of all libraries in our area will be dropping in for a little reception. Maybe if we have all this "official" sanction and approval we won't have to worry about pulling up stakes again . . . until the next election. At that time we'll get a whole new crowd who may (or may not) support the idea. That's what happened the last time. When our "friends" got booted out of office we got booted out of the library space.

Tomorrow is a trip up to Colima to do errands; browsing at the two viveros along the highway for new plants, shopping for more staples, looking for a comfortable desk chair, taking some things to a frame shop that does a bang up job for not very much money. We will undoubtedly lunch at our favorite crepe place, Kronos. Then if I am still conscious after all that, the first of the season's Mexican Domino games. Full day ahead.

42 days until 1/20/2009: End of an Error


At 10:15 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Great job on the books! Glad your blood sugar is back down where it belongs.


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