Friday, January 16, 2009

adios to the Tejas

These tile roofed structures are called Tejas (Texas) for some reason. I really don't know why. Probably based on someone's idea that all roofs in Texas are tiled? When we moved in the two structures did not exist. Instead, the back cement patios were uncovered and very hot. Fernando built the overhangs; they seemed like a good idea at the time. Little did we know that they would become comfy condos for iguanas. When Fernando painted the house 5 years ago he ripped off all the tiles so he could use the platform as a base for his ladders. The iguanas split for awhile. But they were soon back and brought their friends with them. You probably think that they are part of the tropical ambiance. They are pests. They eat everything that even thinks about growing in the garden. They especially love blossoms on anything and a real treat are hibiscus blooms. They are NOT cute. And they poop all over the patios. So this time we are having the Tejas rebuilt to prevent any squatters.

First he pulled off all the tiles (they're laid one on the other. One up, one down. The only anchor is at the top). His mozo stands down on the patio and catches the tiles as Fernando tosses them off the roof. Then they're neatly stacked for reuse. We've only lost half a dozen so far and they were already cracked or broken. Next he will remove the platform they have rested on that provides a nice floor for the critters. Then he will build a sort of lattice on which to lay the overlapping tiles. My concern is that those pesky iguanas will scuttle into the tunnels made by the tiles. I suspect, however, that only the juveniles can do that; there will be no room to turn around and get out.

All of this ~ destruction, reconstruction, painting, hauling up and down three flights of stairs, tossing and stacking ~ is done with such speed, good humor and skill that it is a real pleasure to watch them. And to listen to their low volume chatter and laughter. Fernando is a very good maestro, except with his son. He gets too impatient. I miss having Fernandillo here; he's an excellent painter. But he has a full-time job as an abenillo at the turtle farm down in the colonia.

Ah fathers and sons. Nothing like mothers and daughters. No. Never!

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