Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the tejas plus "Kavalier and Clay"

Fernando was hard at work this morning preparing the lath for the new tejas roof. Much hammering and sawing going on in the lot next door where he had set up his workshop.

Then he began laying the tiles, one inside the other.He assures me that there will be no room for iguana condos.

The measuring of distances and patterns is all done by eye, except he does us the length of the hammer handle as a reference.

By tomorrow it should all be done.

Meanwhile, while Fernando and RegĂ­s saw and haul and measure, I am lounging around enjoying this delicious novel. It's been out for almost ten years, and I have had it on my shelf for probably eight of those ten, but never got around to opening it. My loss.

What a fine adventure. Perfect hammock book, I thought. But hammock books are those you begin to read and, hammocks being what they are, you fall asleep almost immediately and don't in the least feel guilty about it. Not this one. Awake and alert at all times lest the reader miss one twist or turn.


At 12:00 PM, Blogger DAK said...

But...I thought the iguanas got under the tejas so you were taking out the tejas to spite the iguanas. And I'm one of the rare ones who can never finish a Michael Chabon book -- I lose interest by the paragraph.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger The Fevered Brain said...

No, not exactly. Here's what we did. We removed the FLOOR on which the tejas rested and instead they now rest on lath. So there is no place for the iguanas to live; there is no floor beneath the lath. I'll take a picture of the underside to make it more clear.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

I've been tempted to read this book too, so now I will!


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