Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief

Marie and I joined Charlotte for this morning's historic festivities. We three represented the Democratic Party in Cuyutl√°n. Most everyone else is either Canadian or members of that other party.

The pomp, the majesty, the ritual of it all. I laughed, I cried, I squealed with joy and delight. Yo Yo Ma, smiling broadly and having a high time of it, that right-wing religious pimp, Rick Warren (who managed to do OK and not offend me out of the room), the flub of Roberts' administration of the oath (and the President's attempt to salvage the moment), the long shots down the Reflection Pool of 2,000,000 joyous people who came to witness history, and particularly the Reverend Joseph Lowery, who gave a rousing benediction that made the President smile. And the new President's speech. I was deeply moved and exhilarated. Just think! We have a President who can string two sentences together, doesn't drop his "ing"s, and doesn't even know how to smirk. For me, that would be enough. Instead, we get all of that and much, much more. I was also impressed by the Obama's and Biden's gracious farewell to the Cheneys and Bushes as they saw them off to their new lives. That was a first. Just one of many.

Now the work begins. My prayers will be with him every day. Be strong, be wise, be safe.


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