Tuesday, March 10, 2009

adios, Shelagh and Ned

Twelve of us gathered at Dago's tonight for shrimp and whatever else you might want to bid a fond farewell to Shelagh and Ned Basher who are heading back to Winnepeg, Ontario, Canada, after two months in beautiful Cuyutlan. They are the proprietors of the Rossport Inn in Rossport, Ontario, located at the top of Lake Superior. In fact, we are even talking about heading up there during the summer to take over the place. As we ambled out of Dago's onto the malecon for the walk home, Neighbor Nelson played this on his iPod and cranked the sound way up. A fitting end to a lovely evening.

The Bashers are a most charming, congenial couple who have had a nice two month to thaw out in the tropics before heading back to the ice-bound north. We will miss them and look forward to their return next season. Bien viaje.


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