Friday, August 17, 2007

another william h. macy gem

He is one of my favorite actors. He is so good at playing the "everyman" who gets himself into tight spots, seemingly without meaning to. See "Fargo" especially. I have admired his work in everything I've seen. Last night it was "The Cooler" set in Las Vegas. Once again, he is just a guy trying to do the right thing in a very nasty situation. Alec Baldwin is one bad operator. Tonight will be "The History Boys." Watch here for review.

With the Patient off on a frolic in Ohio the care and tending of the acreage falls to me. Clean the pool, sweep the front and back patios, water everything, do gardening chores, shop, cook. It's enough to wear a person out. Especially one such as he is who is not cooking on all burners as yet. Much, much better, but still operating at 75%. If I could just get 30 pounds on him he'd be in better shape. Despite how much he eats ~ and it's a lot ~ he doesn't gain any weight. When his body decides it doesn't need every single calorie it can get to repair itself after last year's terrible assault, then it can devote itself to layering on the fat. Perhaps pasta in Italy will help.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Yes, we loved this movie too!


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