Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A quite nice place to live

The Patient remarked last evening, as the sunset was turning pink and the living room was flooded with golden, rosy light, “I really am very fond of this house.” This is very high praise indeed, coming from him. At dinner I looked across the sala from the dinner table and decided that I, too, am very fond of this house. It is comfortable, colorful, warm and inviting. It will be even more so when we get the floor tiles replaced.

First step toward emptying out the bank account was today when we went to pay a deposit to window man for replacing all the windows and glass sliders in the house ~ 29 louvered windows, three sliders, one glass front door. About the same amount as I paid for ONE window in our US house. No wonder we live here.

So here’s to being here (our traditional toast). Actually, here’s to being almost anywhere.


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