Friday, March 07, 2008

another sunny day

A bright day today. Laundry dried in a couple of hours. Sea sparkling. The weekenders began arriving about 4 PM. The hotel across the street is pretty low key but a few huespedes began arriving around 7. The music is always mellow; not too much noise.

Chuy brought us dinner tonight; fish filettes in a lovely sauce. I asked her if she made it for the puesto. She said not, just for las familias. I was so delighted that it included us. She is very attentive to the Patient's food issues. When we go to Dago's and she is cooking she makes a special salsa for him that is very mild, and she knows he can eat fish tacos on soft tortillas and has them ready. The Patient got the whole meal (fish, rice, veggie) down without a hitch. Not an easy task. I thank the gods that be every day for Chuy and Fernando. They are ever kind and watchful over us. When she leaves my house after tidying up, the whole place sparkles. Although I still wrestle with the idea that someone else cleans up the mess I make, I console myself with the knowledge that this is the way she contributes to the family's budget. She was unwilling to work outside the home until their daughter Rosie was in school and she had the free time available. She has been working for us for four years. Seems impossible it has been that long. We could not live here, keep this house safe without both of them.

Tomorrow evening it is out to dineer at the Jacaranda, a date we originally had planned for last weekend but which we put off because the Patient was not feeling well. He is much improved ~ cough and cold ~ so tomorrow night is date night!


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