Friday, May 30, 2008

in the beautiful jewel

This town is so beautiful at this time of year. The jacarandas are out, gardens looking so colorful and exotic, sky rich blue, traffic frightful, prices ditto. But it's good to be here. It reminds me of Santa Barbara or maybe Montecito. I went to lunch today with 3 classmates, two husbands (theirs, not mine) hosted by a bachelor who has been near and dear to all of us for all these many years. It was such fun getting caught up. I left my camera in the car (a snappy red Chevvy 4-door) so didn't get photos. Would Margaret Bourke-White pull such a stunt? I doubt it. I have turned my room into a bar, with snacks, wine in the fridge, glasses at the ready. We'll all meet here before trooping off to the campus for dinner with the headmaster. I understand the woman who was our headmistress, now 97 years old, will also be in attendance. I wonder if she'll remember my mischief. Probably.

Much of what I've seen so far is utterly unfamiliar, but here and there are a few spots that I recognize. Tomorrow morning I'll go on a walk-about and take lots of pictures.


At 7:00 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Sounds wonderful ~ enjoy!


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