Monday, May 12, 2008

an indoor day

The North wind is raging, leaves and dust are everywhere, I am sneezing and coughing. I did go out for a walk this morning with Gina and the two dogs but it was nasty. It's going to be an indoor day. And there's plenty to do. My cupboards are still a mystery; can't find anything in the kitchen. An indoor day is a good opportunity to haul everything out and start over. Ditto the clothes closets. I stored things in the guest room and haven't had the energy to go in there and root around for a lost T-shirt. But daughter Caitlin is coming next Sunday for a couple of days and I must make room for her extensive travel wardrobe (usually a T-shirt and pair of jeans!) In addition to her, there's a possibility grandson Andrew and his girlfriend Anna will drive up from Berkeley when he is there helping her pack up her possessions from her first year at UCB. Now if I could just manage to get Alex and Em here at the same time life would be perfect.

Another good indoor activity ~ aside from rearranging, reading, napping, or watching a DVD ~ is cooking. The Patient has made a glorious big pot of leek and potato soup from a recipe at Pinch my Salt.

(This photo is by Nicole, the fabulous cook who owns PMS. Give it a visit.)

That will take care of lunch. Then someone is going to have to bust out of here and go to the market to shop for dinner. We'll draw straws.


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