Saturday, April 26, 2008

back on the internet

I am using a very old version of almost everything while using this vintage Mac. Nothing works as it does on the Ferrari model. But I will try to navigate my way through this antiquated program and put up an intelligible post.

I finally figured out how to get back on the internet. I was completely stymied but had a brain storm this afternoon while driving out to the new local CostCo. When I got home I unplugged and replugged and BINGO! It worked. I can't do anything very fancy but I can put up straight text.

I replaced 6 of the 9 recessed lights, got the car running after replacing the battery, got the computer working after having the battery charged at Core Care in Sact'o, bought a new battery for the phone. So things in the house are getting back to normal. I went to the gas station and nearly had heart failure when I paid $30 for less than 8 gallons of gas! What's going on here? How did this happen? Or, more to the point, how was this allowed to happen? Folks are going to use their "stimulus" checks to buy milk and eggs, not take a quick trip to Hawaii. Then I went to the farmers' market this morning. I decided to allow myself the same budget that I have for the tiangues to buy fruits and veggies for a week. Well, I was able to buy two things ~ asparagus and berries ~ before I ran out of pesos.

The Patient is leaving the beach tomorrow. I expect him home in about a week. I'm trying to get the garden cleaned up before his arrival. Rafa was here today to trim the oleanders, the Cape Honeysuckle, the trumpet vine. Place has clearly had a hair cut, but it looks very tidy. Tomorrow I will do more weeding, watering, trimming.

It's good to be home.


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