Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the last of the mosquiteros

Last evening I was standing at the kitchen sink preparing our daily dose of guacamole when I glanced out the window and saw the ventana man coming down the road in a cloud of dust. I said to the Patient, "Guess who's on his way here!" He made a couple of wrong guesses and when I told him who it was expressed disbelief. Raul pulled up in front of the house and I leaned over the balcony and said, ¡Que milagro! I don't think he was amused. I have been on his case for a month to get the last screens installed in the two new kitchen windows. Every time I go to his shop the senorita who works for him smiles politely and says she will tell her patrón but he is very busy, etc., etc., etc. I went again last Friday and stamped my pretty little foot and shook my curls and said I had to have those screens. I guess such histrionics work because there he was, screens in hand. Now I can open those windows without inviting in every flying and crawling creature. And the through-breeze keeps the kitchen nice and cool. Finally the window business of the house is finished.

Yesterday we took Neighbor Nelson and Mrs. Neighbor Nelson up to Colima for their overnight before they fly to the US today. We had a delightful lunch at a little place called Las Naranjas (no photo; no battery). Their departure signals the beginning of the great gringo migration north. The next departures will be in two weeks. By mid-May all us snowbirds will be back across whatever borders we crossed to get here.

Before we left yesterday I got out this beautiful little watermelon for a snack. Not only was it sweet, juicy and seedless, it was the most rich, deep watermelon-y color I've ever seen.

I got it all set up for a photo and discovered a dead battery. Here it is, a day late but a real beauty nonetheless. An mighty tasty too!


At 6:14 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

It has to be poignant, the goodbyes and knowing you'll be going soon yourself. Even though your Sacto. home is beautiful (and a pool!) it's the time marching on again stuff. But in the meantime, that is the prettiest watermelon I have ever seen.


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