Monday, November 24, 2008

down the list

Believe it or not, these things are actually on my To-Do list, and I think I've got them all done.

Return assorted books to various libraries.
Cancel membership and return unwatched DVE's to the Flix®. I'll put them back on the list next year.
Drop off two stacks of magazines at Kaiser to replenish the 10-year old reading supply.
Wash everything possible.
Stop the newspapers.
Pay all the bills.
Check the weather along the route; maybe rain tomorrow through the valley, cool in San Diego, cold through Arizona and Texas, warm in Cuyutlán.
Pack iPod, books, magazines, CDs for 5-months of amusement. Oh yes, and the trusty Lap Mac, too.
Vacuum TODAY, not at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning.
Clean bathrooms TODAY, not at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning.
Do all laundry TODAY, not at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning.
Get the traveling picnic box ready TODAY, not at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. Prepare on-the-road snacks: Boil the eggs, slice the apples, cut up the veggies, make the sandwiches. (You can see how busy we usually are at 5:30 AM the morning of departure!)
Change the ink cartridge in the printer.
Have one last mini-massage. It will have to do until I get to the beach and get a hold of Patti, the local masseuse.

I've heard from friends who have already arrived at the beach that it is warm and not too buggy. Good news. But, bugs or not, we're on our way in the morning.

First stop: Long Beach. More from there.

56 days until 1/20/2009: End of an Error


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