Tuesday, December 23, 2008

another perfect day

We have had amazingly good weather these past two weeks. Days are clear, warm, breezy. Nothing like the cold, foggy and overcast of last year. We strolled down to Dago's for lunch again today. Not many people there so Dago was happy to cook up some fish tacos and open beers. When things are slow here's where he hangs out.

This is a photo of the front of the line of puestos that line the beach. You stroll down, find an umbrella and chairs, order your drinks and watch the sea, sparkling in front of you. The waiters scurry back and forth bringing your goodies.

Although there were quite a few vacationers, not nearly as many as in the past. I think the recession is keeping potential travelers at home this Christmas. The parking around the hotels is almost empty. Not a good sign for the businesses that depend on the holidays (Christmas and Easter) for their big yearly take. I have inquired at a couple of the hotels; the answer is the same. No reservations. Perhaps tomorrow the crowds will come in, although most may be day-trippers. Fernando is working at Dago's between Christmas and New Year's in anticipation of at least some action. I am volunteering to go eat some of his heavenly shrimp to do my part.

After lunch we walked the length of the malecon to check out the other puestos; same story. Not much action. Then we walked down the "new" main street. By new I mean the surfacing. For as long as we've been coming here the main street has been paved with cobblestone. Hard on the car but fitting for this village. Then suddenly someone decided the main drag needed to be "upgraded." Now it's cement. It looks terrible; sterile and stark. All the lovely trees shading the street were cut down. It looks positively bald. We walked by the Presidencia, the little city hall-cum- police station. As Fernando would say, "Aqui in Mexico . . ." then fill in the blank. So aqui in Mexico there is no such thing as separation of church and state, as you can see by this creche outside the city hall.

No baby yet; they will put the Christ child in the manger tomorrow night after midnight mass. In fact, everyone in town who has a display will put the baby in place.

Tomorrow night is the Christmas Eve party at Luly and Ed's. It's always a great bash; you get to meet and greet everyone who's in town, all in one place at one time. Saves wear and tear.

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The warm weather is certainly good for your creative juices!


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