Monday, December 15, 2008

the prettiest virgin in town

This photo really doesn't do her justice. She is studded with tiny lights that flash and sparkle in the dark, but I love the bright colors. She adorns the wall of our friends' house.

We still don't have internet connection ~ annoying and frustrating but then, this is the beach. Help may be on the way if we decide to get our own hook-up instead of tagging on to other's system. I have to investigate this idea. Unfortunately it does involved dealing with Telmex® ~ it makes dealing with ATT seem like calling a personal shopper. I don't know who invented the Telmex® bureaucracy but they have an evil streak.

Weather the past few days reminds me of why I come here; balmy, breezy, about 75º during the day with cool nights, perfect for sleeping. Actually the days are OK for sleeping, too. Reading an excellent book ~ The Air We Breathe by Andrea Barrett. Lots more stacked up awaiting my attention.

Fernando will show up tomorrow morning to begin the interior patch-and-paint job. La cosine, la sala, el quarto. Then he'll paint the entire exterior after New Year's. I'm still taking colors under advisement, but I'm thinking of a warm nutmeg. I'm tired of the "salmon" shade. I've bought a litre of one color to try out but I think it's too dark. I'll go back to the store and try another color.

These colors, however, are just perfect.

36 days until 1/20/2009: End of an Error


At 8:28 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Gorgeous sunset.


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