Saturday, March 28, 2009

send out good mojo

Some of you faithful readers may remember the scare I had last year with the infected toe. I had to leave the beach in a hurry to get some good old USA medical attention. Everything turned out just fine; the infection cleared up quickly and I was back "on my toes" in no time. Unfortunately, my beloved sister has not been so lucky. She, too, is a diabetic. She, too, has turned up with an infected toe. However, it has turned gangrenous and she is scheduled to have one and possibly two toes amputated on Tuesday. If the docs find further damage and evidence of gangrene, she may lose her entire foot. She is currently in New Haven languishing at Yale University Hospital, a virtual home-away-from home for her. It seems like every time she goes east for a visit she ends up spending at least part of her stay at Yale. I think she should just book in there at the outset instead of even trying to stay with her daughter.

Anyway, I talked with her this evening and she is in remarkably good spirits. She is optimistic that they will stop at the toes and leave everything else as it is.

So, send good mojo for her safety under the knife and a health recovery with all 8 toes intact.

By the way, I did listed to the opera today, "Das Reingold." Not bad. But we have a break from the Ring Cycle next week with Elisir d'amour. A bit of levity in the midst of gloom and doom.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Your home wisteria is gorgeous and I do send my v. best wishes to your sister!


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