Thursday, August 30, 2007

it's a go!

Yesterday the Patient received the news we have been hoping for. Everything looks good. He is free to travel anywhere he wants. He doesn't have to return to this particular doc until next May! Our relief is tremendous, as you can well imagine. This release means we really are going to take our delayed Italian journey in October. We leave for Pisa on October 24, train over to Florence for 10 days, train northward to Vicenza for 2+ weeks, to Venice for a couple of days and fly out of there to Los Angeles on November 20th. This is almost the same trip we had planned for last year. I knew we'd get there somehow.

I have just returned from visiting my retinal surgeon. She has given me the green light as well. Last year's surgical procedure has held up well and no further work needs to be even contemplated. I am much relieved.

You will undoubtedly read much more about the preparations for Italy right here. But for now this particular author is busy counting her many, many blessings.


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