Friday, August 31, 2007

sick mac

It appears that my trusty laptop has developed a case of the nonchargus batterius. The little pin light on the connector plug shows that no charge is being delivered. In fact right now I am operating on only 70% of the battery life and soon I will get these threatening messages on the screen that tell me I'm about to lose contact with the world at large. This means I may have to sign my machine into the Mac Hospital for some diagnostic tests or just possibly buy a new connector switch. If I have to check her in I will revert to my older, slower laptop to keep in touch.

But before I do, let me say that I did watch "Music and Lyrics" and I give it about 2 stars. Why? Drew Barrymore is a terrible actress, Hugh Grant looks very odd in this movie, like he really isn't himself, and the story is sort of silly. I got tired of his hip gyrations and her inanities. However, it did manage to pass a couple of hours indoors when it was simply too bloody hot to go outdoors (105ยบ here in the valley). I am hoping "Notes on a Scandal" will be better, hot or not.

I hope everyone has a safe, sane, cool (but not here) Labor Day.


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