Sunday, September 02, 2007

la vie en rose

Last night I took the Patient out to the movies. We saw "La Vie en Rose" aka "La Môme" (The Urchin) the story of the French singer, Edith Piaf. It was an utterly chaotic movie; dark colors by which I imagine the director was trying to indicate a dark life, frantic cutting and editing, again hinting at a frantic emotional wreck of a woman. The music, of course, was glorious and the actress who lurched her way through the role, Marion Clotillard, has a sensational B-I-G voice, but somebody needed to turn down the Dolby. Special treat: Gerard Depardieu as M. Leplée, the man who "discoverd" Piaf when she is a street singer in Paris. Would I recommend it? Not unless you don't have enough chaos in your own life or you really love Piaf's singing. Nonetheless, it was a treat to be out on a date. The only way I got him to come with me was to offer to buy his ticket. How could he refuse such a generous offer?

As you can see, the Mac is back in good working order. It took virtually all day to find the new part I needed to get things going again. I finally had to drive up to the Apple Store, after trying three other places. On a Saturday, in the midst of the State Fair, in 103º weather? I love my Mac.


At 7:29 AM, Blogger mary ann said...

Hahaha, good post. I love my msBook too and she was in hospital the entire time I was in Italy. Also needed a new battery and some TLC.
We had heard this film wasn't so hot.


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