Monday, January 07, 2008

What color is your casa?

Some posts ago ~ December 27 and 28 ~ nocommano took her readers on a walk through her neighborhood in San Francisco to report on the war against painting houses beige. Taking a leaf from that book, I strolled some streets here to take pictures of the wonderful colors of the houses. We are victims of “safe house colors” at the beach ~ most are white or sand color because any other color fades quickly in the intense sunshine. Looking at these wonderful shades is a real treat. Around every corner is yet another treat for the eye. I have many more to share but there's a start.

This blue (BLUE!!) house is cheek to cheek with a house that is a deep brown/red.

These two neighbors are pink and red and just beautiful together.

Next to this red house is a beautiful gold colored one. The flowers in the hanging pots are geraniums that are almost the same color as the house.

Here are two more contrasting neighbors, red and the yellow one below.

Sorry about the electric lines. Again, beautiful geraniums in the hanging pots but also lots of greenery in pots lining the roof. This is a common sight here.

These three houses in a row are subtle but clear pastels; yellow, green and peach. They are just across the street from the driveway entrance to our apartment.

This house, pink on the top, green on the bottom has a beautiful tile border dividing the tones. Stunning.

Just in case you think every house is just about perfect, or if you are interested in picking up a bargain, here’s a little fixer-upper for your consideration.

Yesterday we had comida at this very charming place, Hecho en Mexico.

Delicious grilled fish and a really interesting jicama salad. Recipe, I would guess, is something like this: Grate jicama. Make dressing of orange juice, olive oil, garlic. Add chopped cilantro. Mix, pour over jicama. Toss. Eat. Delicious. Sweet, tangy, crunchy, refreshing.


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