Friday, December 28, 2007

a day for the tiles

We went off to Manzanillo this morning to buy the tiles for the floors. We took the free (non-toll) road, a lovely if long route. We passed through the little villages of Santa Rita, La Tropicana, Buenaventura, Los Reyes, Venustiano Caranza (the Patient's favorite place name), Costa Rica, past fields of mango, lime, papaya, banana and coconut trees. Forty-five minutes later we pulled into the parking area of Azulejos Garza, the tile emporium. It only took about an hour to make our purchases, arrange for delivery on February 1, lay down large stacks of pesos, shake hands all around and leave. Here's what we chose for the floors.

The tile on the left is for the 3rd floor terrazzo, the one on the right is for the rest of the floors. We also bought ceramic tiles for the kitchen countertops, creme, yellow, terra cotta and green, but they will be delivered with the rest of the goods.

After that exhausting experience we headed down Las Brisas to our new favorite place to eat, Hotel La Posada.

The reasons it is our choice are basically two: the dining room has a spectacular view of Manzanillo Bay and the blue Pacific beyond and there are things on the menu the Patient can actually eat. This hotel is called "The Pink Palace." Here's why.

We relaxed in this beautiful dining room, enjoyed lunch, headed home on the toll road (my treat) satisfied by our day's efforts.

Not a bad spot for a burger, a cheese sandwich and a couple of beers.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Lovely tile, lovely lunch. Wasn't the cafe at Capwell's called the Pink Palace? The only way I can get Husbando to park with a meter, or on the rare occasion,in a parking lot,is to say (and do), "my treat".
Viva separate bank accounts...


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