Wednesday, December 26, 2007

T’was the day before Christmas

Last night I tried to take some pictures of the house with its lights and candles, in a festive holiday mode. They didn’t come out very well but I’ll post them nonetheless.

Lights on the front balcony are from a string of candles plus the overhead. Lights on the upper left are from the circumference of the 3rd floor palapa. the lower left is the front door lightand the little smeared light above are candles on the 2nd floor wall. I think the problem is that when taking photos at night you have to stand absolutely still or it gets smeared. Here’s a better try.

The globe light hangs over the dining table out on the terrazzo. Above are the lights upstairs. In truth it looks quite festive and nowhere near as blurry!

This morning it was off to the tiangues for the week’s provisions. For 20.80 pesos (about $2.50) I brought home this bounty: 3 Sinaloa tomatoes, like beefsteaks and luscious. Sinaloa is up north and is the Imperial Valley of the west of Mexico. Most of our fruits and vegetables are grown there. It is a beautiful state to drive through; lush and green with irrigated fields. Then I added 3 avocadoes, 8 juice oranges, 5 carrots, 10 round zucchini, just as sweet as candy, one cantaloupe, one jicama, 6 Roma tomatoes, great for sauce but absolutely tasteless and dry, and, not seen, 3 heads purple garlic and 5 onions.

I even had money left over to rummage through the piles of used clothing to find a couple of pair of shorts for the Patient, size 30. He gifted me with a set of beautiful Bose headphones so seminuevo shorts seem like a fair exchange, no?

Merry Christmas to you from us and from Ruby and Santa, too.

PS: I am way behind in my posts. Internet cafe closed for a couple of days, but now it's open and I'm in business again. I'll get caught up tomorrow.


At 5:43 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Blurry festive photos are way better than none! Might the Patient borrow your new Bose headset from time to time?


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