Thursday, December 13, 2007

the dueling scar

It looks like I came out on the wrong end of a friendly duel. I now sport a very thin diagonal scar about 1½” long on my left cheekbone. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and produced a cyst about the size of a marble. Non-cancerous. The surgeon seemed quite pleased with his work. He may well be a go-to guy for nips and tucks. He even has his own web site. Talk about advertising!

Instead of playing dominoes and watching the Castillo to signify the end of the Virgin of Guadalupe festivities, I stayed home. I saw some of the fireworks from the 3rd floor, but I don’t like what’s called “the running of the bulls.” Locals put on big paper maché bull’s heads and run through the crowds setting off firecrackers and rockets and “shooting stars”. Too dangerous for my taste. In fact, the Patient went up with Jack, whose shirt was burned when he was hit by a firecracker! ¡Es la vida loca!

We have had no real fire in the sky since we’ve been here. Sunsets have been obscured by clouds and evening fog. But last night we had a beauty.

The afterglow lingered in the sky for almost half an hour.

The Geminid Meteor Shower happens this time every year with the peak night tonight. Anytime after full darkness should begin sightings, with 2 a.m. being the height of the frequencies. Stay awake!


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