Wednesday, December 19, 2007

no appointment necessary

To Tecoman yesterday morning for a variety of errands: buy gas; check out Construama (the Home Depot of Mexico) for toilets, tiles for bathroom walls, ceramic tiles for counter tops; look for place to buy new ink cartridge for printer (found one that would refill old one, miracle of miracles); get hair cut (walk in, sit down, out whips the straight razor, pay my $40 pesos ($3.60) and I’m good to go for another 6 weeks; stop off at the store for productos agricultura to buy some sort of poison the Patient uses to keep backyard varmints under control ( including very pesky land crabs); drop off the old Sony CD player that ceased to function last night to see if it can be repaired or if we need to buy a new one; and last, a trip to the surgeon to check on the stitches. He removed three butterfly bandages but not the stitches. Go back on Saturday. A very productive morning. We were back by 2 PM. Record time in Mexico for accomplishing all that.

When we got home this little fellow was on the downstairs terrazzo to greet us.

We had seen him out in the back garden for a couple of days, but never this close. He is a bit over 3 feet long, nose to tip of tail. He doesn’t seem to like living under the tejas tiles on the back roof like all the other iguanas around the place. He prefers either the bougainvillea or up in the palm tree. His colors are particularly vivid, although you can’t really tell. He has bright lime-green rings on his tail although in this picture they look yellow. I think that’s his mating outfit.

Off to Manzanillo to look at even more tiles. It is getting to the point where I will take almost anything simply so I don't have to look anymore.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

Wowza! Be sure to read Notthat's post about his in-home female iguana named Blue Boy. This one is a beauty and I look forward to seeing The Perfect Tile in tomorrow's blog.


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