Sunday, December 23, 2007

Albondigas and polenta

Yesterday I visited the surgeon again to have the stitches taken out of my wound. It looks pretty good although it has begun to itch like crazy and I must constantly remind myself not to scratch. In 10 days I begin using some ointment to help shrink the scar, which really isn’t so bad. The doc was really quite pleased with his handiwork.

In my search for foods the Patient can eat I am always on the lookout for dishes that are easy to swallow, not too spicy, have virtually nothing fibrous in them such as pork or chicken, and that might even taste good. Last night I decided to try some albondigas, delectable little Mexican meatballs. The Patient is particularly fond of creamy polenta with a bit of cheese. It was a perfect match! Even I, the Caregiver, as I was titled by the medical establishment during his treatment, thought it was a brilliant marriage of flavors and textures. That, along with a delicious Chilean white and some sweet, cold melon made our oh-so international cena. Tonight it’s back to local fare; tacitos de lengue from the wagon up at the jardin.

Tomorrow evening, Christmas Eve, we will gussy up and go off to a lovely dinner party held every year by our friends Luly and Ed. I am making focaccia for the occasion. I’m in an Italian cooking mood. I’ve been reading a delicious little book, “A Thousand Days in Venice” by Marlena de Blasi. At times a bit treacley (if there is such a word) but the food! Oh, the food! Anyone who is planning a trip to Venice should read this just for the restaurant recommendations.

The cybercafe may not be open again until Wednesday so I will wish everyone a very happy holiday. Be ever thankful for your many blessings. Joyous greetings and lots of love.


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