Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting caught-up

The party at Luly and Ed’s was a wonderful way to start the Christmas Crazies. Guests all behaved; no drunks, no tearing off of party clothes to jump in the pool, nice table manners, no food fights, etc. Ages of guests ranged from late teens to early 90’s. Dinner was delicious and abundant. An all around good time was had by all.

Christmas morning dawned grey and overcast, as it has been for the past few days. No sun peeked out all day. But at 5:30 a small group gathered on the terrazzo at Marie’s to celebrate the day and to wish Feliz Cumpleaños to adorable Chuy. She turned 38! Egad!

I have a hazy memory that milestone. Again, a collection of remarkably well behaved guests, given the group!

Yesterday we spent counting square and linear meters in preparation for the big cash layout for our tiles. We planned to go to Manzanillo today with a suitcase of pesos but decided we had better recount and be absolutely sure of what we need. The kitchen is going to be spectacular when done, with lots of tile patterns and colors to liven up the place. Likewise the bathroom. But this tedious counting and measuring is, well, tedious. The Patient, when just a lad, thought he’d like to major in engineering in college. When he received a D- in Engineering Drawing he thought perhaps the law might be more suited to his various and several talents. But he is doing a fine job of figuring out exactly, to the centimeter, how many tiles we need. I think his drawing teacher missed a good candidate! When we are at the tile store tomorrow I will take a photo of the floor tiles we have finally decided on. They are a luscious, rich Mexican terra cotta red. After Fernando paints the inside of our patio and garden walls that same color we’ll be ready for the photographers.


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