Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the first beer of 2008

Before I comment on the above, let me say Happy Anniversary to the Patient. One year ago today, January 1, 2007 he began to eat again. I think it was some sort of bland soup, but it was the first food he had taken by mouth in about 2 1/2 months. It seems a strange thing to celebrate, doesn't it? But for someone who loves to eat as much as he did - and still does, although his diet is different - it is worth a New Year's toast.

Now to the first beer of the year. My beach pal Marie and I went down to Dago's for a late morning refresco after a stroll along the malecon to check out all the puestos and the crowds. There are not as many people here as there were last year -- we weren't here but that's the opinion of those who were - and they are not as rowdy. We talked about our New Year's resolutions, among other things. She came up with one: to pause before shooting off her mouth. I came up with four (I live a less pure life than she does, I guess): to eat more veal (trans.: return to France soon); eat more porcini mushrooms (ditto Italy); to stay better informed (read more); and to get au courant (see movies made after 1980 and listen to music later than the Beatles). My friend MAS has a much better list that actually points to her wish to improve her character. Imagine, at our age, wanting to improve your character!! You go girl!


At 11:20 PM, Blogger mary ann said...

My character tends to need improvement, but thanks for the vote of approval. Your days sound so heavenly and the best part is that you know and appreciate it!


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